Chicken Kebebs recipeServes: 1
Prep time: over 60-minutes
Cook time:

120g Chicken (chopped into 1 inch square cubes)
10g (2 tsp) Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Paprika
Sprinkle of Garlic Powder & Onion Granules
Lemon Juice
80g Cherry Tomatoes
100g Mixed Peppers (chopped into 1 inch square)
80g Small White Closed Cup Mushrooms
1 – 2 tsp ‘Thai Spices’ Gourmet Garden (see photo below)
60g Halloumi Cheese
60g TOTAL Classic Greek Yoghurt
Fresh Coriander (finely chopped)
30g Quinoa
Salt & Pepper

What you will need:
2 Freezer bags
Kebab sticks (metal or wooden)
Small bowl
Small Saucepan

How to make:

  1. Place chicken, 1 tsp olive oil, paprika, garlic & onion salt into 1 freezer bag. Tie and mix ingredients inside bag.
  2. Take next freezer bag and insert 1 tsp olive oil, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms & paste. Tie and mix ingredients inside bag.
  3. Place in the fridge for an hour, if possible over night.
  4. Chop cheese into 1 inch cubes just before threading ingredients into kebabs.
  5. Alternate ingredients when threading (if using wooden kebab sticks, cover the exposed ends with foil to avoid burning)
  6. Cook kebabs on BBQ, constantly turn.
  7. Mix together TOTAL Greek yoghurt with fresh coriander into bowl, prepare salad & boil quinoa.
  8. When quinoa has softened, strain water & season quinoa with salt & pepper.
  9. Once chicken has cooked thoroughly (but NOT burned), eat hot with TOTAL dip and salad.