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Mac-Nutrition is the UK’s leading consultancy for nutrition advice, providing innovative and expert advice on optimal health, clinical issues, weight loss, sports performance, and workplace wellness. Our driving philosophy is to unpack scientific theory and dispel mainstream dogma in a conflicting and gimmick-frenzied world. We have designed this website to offer an abundance of FREE online nutrition advice providing practical, trustworthy and life-giving information, no matter your goal!

If you'd like to get individual nutrition support and guidance, you can also use this website as a portal to arrange to see a member of our expert team at our clinic or remotely (e.g. via Skype). We are also able to travel to your location and present nutrition lectures & workshops on topics of your choosing to help your audience lose weight, improve sporting performance or productivity at work and improve their health. Just visit our Services page for more information.

If you're new to the site and Mac-Nutrition, please have a look at the About Us pages for more information on why we are a trusted source of information, or read our client Testimonials to see if we can help you too!

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