The Mac-Nutrition Uni Course is Here!

The Mac-Nutrition team are proud to announce the launch of the UK’s first ever 12-month evidence-based, nutrition course that can be completed online alongside full-time work, from anywhere in the world!

The course has been designed to take someone from knowing very little, all the way through to having the wisdom, confidence and integrity to support clients in achieving a wide variety of nutrition related goals. The MNU Course is unique in its setup as we are also offering the opportunity to attend practical residentials with fellow classmates, for face-to-face teaching and a chance to apply hands-on elements of the course. Don't just take our word for it! Check out our endorsements page to find out what he industry has to say about it! 

"If you have an appetite for a quality nutrition course, that is systematically structured, evidence based, grounded in research, balanced, yet not watered down, then the Mac-Nutrition Uni Course is for you."

Pete McKnight, Chairman of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association

"If you're learning from Martin MacDonald and the Mac-Nutrition Uni Course, rest assured you're getting the most up to date and advanced nutrition data available. Martin teaches in a way that makes complex concepts easy to understand and fun to learn."

Dr Spencer Nadolsky,  Specialist Weight-Loss Physician

For more information and to enrol on the course, visit our brand new website at We look forward to contributing to your success!