Making Weight for Weight-Category Sports

1-Day Nutrition Workshop | Saturday 14th July 2018 | Loughborough, UK

Nutritional interventions may have their biggest impact on performance by supporting consistent intensive training – Prof. Ron Maughan 

However, in weight-making sports, nutrition becomes even more crucial to ensure you are able to maximise your performance whilst also getting into the most competitive weight class.

Having worked with many weight category sport athletes, including Olympians, Commonwealth Gold medalists and World Record holders, it has allowed us to optimise the strategies for making weight as well as maximising the weight class between weigh-in and competition. There are still so many sub-optimal practices being used by coaches and athletes and with this in mind, we have created a 1-day workshop specifically for athletes and practitioners working within weight category sports. The workshop will essentially enable you to follow the exact processes that we go through to achieve remarkable results with our athletes. The same processes that have resulted in Mac-Nutrition becoming a sought-after name in sports where maximising performance whilst making weight is a concern. To read more about some of our success stories, please visit our sports nutrition testimonial pages.

WHAT is it and WHO is it for?

The workshop will be all-encompassing, giving attendees not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills & tools to be able to maximise training potential through nutrition as well as including specific advice on getting extreme weight making results, safely, without compromising strength or performance. It is designed specifically for boxers, weightlifters, martial artists, coaches/trainers, enthusiasts and sports nutritionists/dietitians involved in weight making sports. 

What will the day look like?

Below you will find the downloadable timetable and course guide outlining the topics that will be covered on the day. (If you are having problems downloading either PDF, hover over the document, right click and select 'save link as…'). Lunch and all-day refreshments are also provided. All for just £249!!



Weight Making Workshop Timetable Image

Module OutlineWeight Making Workshop Course Guide