Trainee Nutrition Consultant (Nutritionist/Dietitian)
Job in Nutrition

Title:                 Trainee Nutrition Consultant (Sub-Contractor)
Salary:              £Variable/Performance based
Location:          Loughborough and across the UK
Hours:              3-5 days/week (variable & flexible; availability to work outside normal office hours is essential)
Duration:          Ongoing
Co-Workers:    Mac-Nutrition Intern/s


Mac-Nutrition is an established consultancy, providing nutritional services to the general population, corporate sector and sporting bodies, teams and individuals. The successful applicant will work closely with the Mac-Nutrition team both on external contracts and on in-house projects. As with any consultancy role, remuneration will be performance based, and planning, preparation, marketing etc will be deemed as CPD. The role is designed to give a hard working, dedicated practitioner a supported and structured route to gaining a good reputation within the industry and becoming a sought after nutrition specialist. Applicants must have a desire to work under the Mac-Nutrition brand and to diligently and faithfully act as a promoter of the company’s philosophies.

Deadline for Applications: 26.04.2013