Helen Jewell – GB Weightlifter


“Despite only working with Mac-Nutrition for a short period of time, body composition testing has shown a decrease in my body fat while maintaining good form lifting and I have produced new personal bests!”

Helen Jewel lifting

“As an international athlete competing in a weight categorised sport, nutrition and body weight are important issues for me.  Over the past few months leading up to competitions I have been working closely with the Mac-Nutrition Team with the aim of reducing bodyweight whilst also maintaining strength.  Despite only working with them for a short period of time body composition testing has shown a decrease in my body fat.  I have also been able to maintain good form lifting and have produced new personal bests.  This proves that something must be working! Ha!

The way in which Mac-Nutrition has helped me to date has been brilliant.  Not only do they have outstanding knowledge and expertise in this area but the team is also very approachable and willing to share knowledge and explain with reasoning.  The communication I have had with the M-N team has been excellent; I’ve found that they are always available to answer questions and help out, even on Sunday afternoons! : )

The diet plan created for me was individualised and tailored to my needs and the requirements of my sport.  I feel great following the diet because I get to eat all the time and I never feel hungry.

I have enormous faith in Mac-Nutrition and trust them completely. I never have any doubts or concerns about the advice given and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

Helen Jewell, Somerset

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