Maresa Diaz – Post-Pregnancy Client

“My blood sugar has righted itself and I have not had one episode of hypoglycaemia, I’ve got my afternoons and evenings back and my immune system too seems a deal stronger since I started the nutrition plan by Mac-Nutrition!”


“I started working with Mac-Nutrition about a year after the pregnancy from hell! I had been bedridden for 9months and was left at the end exhausted, sluggish and overweight. I had to work incredibly hard to shift the weight, resorting to boot camps and low cal plans. Long-term dieting however only damaged my metabolism further and I found their website I had 0 energy for life. My blood sugar was all over the place and I was continually exhausted. My doctor was on the point of sending me to a chronic fatigue clinic as I was so tired all the time!

I got in touch with the Mac-Nutrition primarily through my desire to ‘eat well’ not ‘little’. I had a hunch that seeing a sports nutritionist, with an understanding of the performance demands of an athletic population would be very much to my advantage. I had seen a dozen Harley Street nutritionists in my media past for weight loss when I needed to drop half a stone for a video or a photo shoot but I’d never looked for someone on the basis of trying to devise a long-term, nurturing program of eating that would benefit me throughout my life rather than for a clearly defined period of time… consequently I knew a lot about dieting, but not so much about eating.
My eyes were opened my eyes… the plan is a prescription for personal wellbeing.

I asked for a maintenance plan; my weight has stayed the same but my body fat has lowered!
I was given me some wonderfully simple and effective advice around exercise which means I have been able to build some definition, and reduce my measurements.

So whilst the scales are the same I look a lot better in the mirror every morning!

  • My workouts are also much improved as I actually have the energy to do them nowadays, therefore my routine is more consistent and recovery time has decreased which is a real plus.
  • My blood sugar has righted itself and I have not had one episode of hypoglycaemia since I started this plan.
  • My energy levels in the morning are still low. As the day goes on however I notice a marked improvement. I’ve got my afternoons and evenings back!
  • My immune system too seems a deal stronger since I’ve been on the plan a while, and I come down with fewer colds.

I found that food plans are tailored very specifically to the client’s needs.
There were also some things I would not compromise on with my eating habits and my nutritionist found a way of working around them rather than trying to talk me out of them; their knowledge of exercise and how the body uses its ‘fuel’ was invaluable in this.
I enjoy eating big once a week… I can now do this relatively guilt-free, I was taught this from my nutritionist using ideas drawn on the bodybuilding community which have really helped me conceptualise that big meal differently in the first place, and also to achieve a positive gain from it through slightly manipulating exercise and macronutrients in the time windows around the eat. I now see it as a very valuable part of my plan psychologically. Before I would ‘fall off’ plans at the weekend, but now I have structured my meal and exercise as such that it is a part of my plan, not a falling away from it.

The team at Mac-Nutrition are easy to work with – professional, friendly and trustworthy in the advice given..this is not a fuzzy nutritional ideology…its backed up by peer reviewed research that is available on for free! I have felt very inspired by the Mac-Nutrition approach and I am now an avid follower of many research resources on sports and nutritional science online. I like to understand ‘the why’ of what I am committing to in my life.

Their nutritional solution provided is well worthy of seeking out. It’s not ‘magic’, but that’s what’s so appealing. You can be given the information and tools to master your own program in the way you so choose, working alliance with an expert. I happily see a member of the Mac-Nutrition Team again in the future, but for now I have been given the tools I need now to work on myself while having the confidence of having ‘learned well’ without the compulsive desire to ‘consult’ another ‘expert’. Mac-Nutrition say it how is it, there’s no smoke and mirrors about it…thank goodness for that!

Thank you, Mac-Nutrition

Maresa Diaz, London

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