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Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Thank you for attending the Mac-Nutrition workshop at Pride Park. We have compiled the information you heard on this page so that you can refer back to it in future. We have also included a few downloadable documents that might be of help. If you would like to take your nutrition further and think a 1-2-1 consultation would help, please click the button in the sidebar to book in to see us.

Important Links

During the session we discussed a few different foods and supplements that may be of particular benefit if you are trying to make a change to your diet and therefore health. Below are some reminders and ‘clickable’ links in case you want to order them.

Omega 3Supplements

  • Vitamin DOmega 3 – you can get benefits from taking only 1 of these fish oils daily however depending on your siutation, further benefits may be gained by taking more.
  • Vitamin D3 – if you do not know your Vitamin D levels, only take 1 capsule daily or 7 capsules weekly. If you know your Vitamin D levels and you are deficient or insufficient you can take 2-4 capsules daily to correct this.

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  • Oats and Whey Bar - High Protein SnackOats and Whey bar – a useful, ‘protein bar’ that can be used as a snack or alongside some nuts and a piece of fruit, for instance, as a meal replacement when on the go.
  • Whey – can be used as part of a meal or combined with a number of things to create snacks, meal replacements or recovery shakes.
  • Flav DropsUltra fine oats – combined with whey, milk, dessicated coconut or ground almonds for instance these can make an excellent meal replacement.
  • Flav Drops – can be added to milk, unflavoured protein powder or greek yoghurt to give a slightly sweet, great tasting high protein snack
  • Flaked Coconut – can be used as part of a trail mix. They provide a welcome change from nuts and provide a slightly sweet taste despite providing long lasting energy and being very low in sugar.

Downloads – Click to Download

Below are a few downloads that you may find useful

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Nutrition jobs and internships Wheat & Gluten Free Food List
healthy snacks

10 Snack Options