Paul Walker – Fat Loss Client

"16 weeks in, I have lost 2.5 stone and I am at my lightest I have been for 15 years. The amount of people that have asked me how I have done it is crazy!"

Mac-Nutrition Fat Loss Testimonial

"After 10+ years of using personal trainers and spending thousands, I decided that I needed to make a change as nothing seemed to be working permanently. It would sometimes work, a little bit for a small amount of time but I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. I still had that stubborn belly fat and thought I was getting to the age that I would never be able to shift it. I don’t think I looked horrific and when I told people that I wanted to lose a stone they would say “you would look gaunt etc” I knew that wouldn’t be the case. I saw some information about Martin MacDonald on Twitter and decided to give it a go. It was my last chance – if this didn’t work I might as well give up going to the gym and chow down on a bucket load of takeaway as I was always going to be chubby.

I sent a tweet and they got back to me really quickly. Spoke to Katherine on the phone. She asked me what my goals were. I thought to myself I would test them – lose 1.5 stone, get down to 15% body fat and lose the gut. She felt this was something they could do. I set up my consultation and met my nutritionist. Whilst initially disappointed that I hadn’t got Martin (he was at the Commonwealth Games – surely GB weightlifters weren’t as important as me?) I had a meeting with Sarah. She was brilliant and has been through the whole process. She explained the plan – meet my goals, teach me about nutrition and send me on my way with an exit plan. Perfect.

The initial diet plan came through and was great. Any questions I had (and I asked some pretty stupid ones but had decided not to make any assumptions!), I just text or emailed my nutritionist and she came back immediately. If I couldn’t stick by the plan for one day – gave Sarah advanced notice and she changed it to accommodate what I was doing. When I went on holiday, she sent me a holiday plan so I could drink etc. but not have the wheels come off my plan as a result. I could not be happier with the service they provided! My nutritionist was on hand 24-7!

I have loved working with Mac-Nutrition. The team are brilliant. The nutrition advice they have given has been similar to other nutritionists/dietitians – but the dieticians I have spoken to in the past have been broadstroke eg “eat more protein, eat more veg”. Sarah is very specific and I know that it is tailored exactly for me – taking into account my weight, my body type, my gym regime, my social life/commitments, my tastes, my laziness (she knows that I won't be cutting up veg and boiling pans so gives me convenient products that I can buy!)

I feel healthier, look better, have more confidence, more direction and greater nutritional knowledge. And to top it all off, the weight has fell off! I achieved my goal in 8 weeks by losing 1.5 stone. 16 weeks in I have lost 2.5 stone, and I am at my lightest I have been for 15 years. The amount of people that have asked me how I have done it is crazy!" 

Paul Walker, Derbyshire

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