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"I'm a 40-year old mum, but I think I now have the body of a 20-year old!"

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Clare Nasir Diet and Weight Loss – Clare Nasir fully embraced the Mac-Nutrition philosophy when she embarked on her amazing body transformation where she went from 10st 4lbs (when she was photographed in her bikini) to 8st and lost 12 inches off her stomach measurement! Clare obviously combined lots of exercise with a much improved diet to bring about these results and coupled with lovely skin (genetics) she looked stunning in her after photos! Clare's diet was supposedly shown in the Sun newspaper however, as usual the old 'low fat' mantra crept in.

Clare’s diet is low fat, high in protein, and full of low GI foods or ‘good’ carbs.

Clare talked about some of her favourite options from her Mac-Nutrition plan, saying "The five-meals-a-day diet plan created by my nutrition guru has loads of great suggestions for what to eat at all times of the day; here are some of my favourite options – just pick one from each list." Clearly her diet consisting of eggs, feta cheese, olives, avocado and steak was not enough to deter the journalist who wrote the piece.Clare's diet and weight loss were done with a carefully designed plan that has allowed her to maintain that weight loss with ease, even two years on!Later that year Clare was voted one of FHMs top 100 sexiest women!

Clare Nasir – Weather Presenter

"Clare Nasir is a qualified weather forecaster and TV presenter. She presented the weather on GMTV for ten years (2000-2010) and has hosted several series, including “Interactive Wedding”, the travel series “Great Escapes”, and “Extreme Weather”."


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