Zoe Smith – Olympian & Commonwealth Gold Medalist


"Martin has been able to help me reduce my weight without affecting my performance!"

"Competing in a weight category-controlled sport such as weightlifting can be difficult in terms of trying to optimise strength and performance levels, but reducing body fat. However, with Martin MacDonald's (of Mac-Nutrition.com) knowledge of nutrition he has been able to support me in doing just that.

Unlike other nutritionists, Martin did not just tell me what to eat and when, but explained the reasoning behind his decisions so on the whole I too had a greater understanding of nutrition and how my body works.

Although ideally I should be on a long-term diet to make sure my weight is under control weeks prior to competition, sometimes I’ve left it too late to do this and have approached Martin with very few weeks left to make sure my weight is manageable. Despite this, he has still been able to help me reduce my weight without affecting my performance.

Not only is Martin knowledgeable and helpful, but I also found him to be very approachable, understanding and easy to talk to which made working with him a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I hope to continue working with him in the future! "

Zoe Smith, London/Leeds

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