Laurent Lebrun – Bodybuilder


"I discovered that my nutritionist had actually competed several times. This knowledge and experience gave me confidence to trust in their abilities!"

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"I decided Christmas 2008 that I wanted to do a bodybuilding competition in the coming summer. I knew a fair amount about training but little about the nutrition side of things and the specifics of competitive bodybuilding. A friend recommended that I seek out Mac-Nutrition’s services.

Once I investigated into their service I discovered a member of the Mac-Nutrition support team had actually competed himself several times so having inside knowledge and experience gave me confidence to trust in their abilities. I was given a diet and training plan that evolved as time went on to tune my physique. My progress was reviewed & checked regularly when we had our meetings. I was even taught how to pose, which is an art by the way.

I found my nutritionist's experience invaluable regarding the pre-show preparations with regards to water manipulation. I noticed my physique evolve by the hour at this point. I found it was the attention to the detail that added up to a big difference at the end; I believe this is what ultimately gave me my edge over the other contestants.

What helped this long and difficult mountain to climb was that my nutritionist was friendly and approachable; someone I could get on with. The bottom line is that without their expert advice and coaching I would have never reached the level I did. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find Mac-Nutrition sooner."

Laurent Lebrun, Manchester

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