Colin John – Blood Pressure Client

"I have dropped 9kg, improved my 5k time and feel much healthier overall. Most importantly, my doctor has formulated a plan to take me off my hypertension medication!"

Colin Before & After

“At the beginning of the year (2015) I made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter, run faster and eat better with the aim of losing a few kg from a 96kg frame. I consistently worked out at the gym 3 times a week but had no success in reducing my weight or body fat as of May 2015. I was introduced to Mac-Nutrition by a co-worker who had very good success with their programs and began my one and one sessions with my nutritionist, Sarah in May. She helped me understand almost in the first session where my main problem lied which was nutrition and eating habits. Her approach to get me to record the foods/meals that I consumed over an average week really opened my eyes to where my fundamental problem existed. I realized for the most parts I was eating healthy however my nutrient balance was off and more thought needed to be put into it. Sarah helped me to formulate a healthy eating plan and most importantly a sustainable one, I say sustainable because she used West Indian cookbooks (I’m Trinidadian) to help me choose foods that I was used to and would most likely be consuming in my social circle and at home on a daily basis. This greatly helped in widening my choices of healthy foods.

I have dropped 9kg of fat to date, improved my 5km time from 37mins to 30 mins and feel much healthier overall. Most importantly my doctor has formulated a plan to systematically take me off my hypertension medication due to my reduced weight and healthier lifestyle.

Sarah’s knowledge and ability to impart it in an easy to understand way has helped me to make better food choices and most importantly has helped me understand the impact of poor choices and how to limit the impact of weekends where I can’t avoid social events such as barbeques by using advanced nutritional strategies that suit me.

Eating healthy is now a habit as well as working out consistently. At the beginning of the year after my Jan vacation I was 96 kg and slowly but surely I’ve made it to this point (87kg). Most importantly I have gained very good knowledge on nutrition and how my body reacts to good and bad nutrition. Thanks for this Sarah!”

Colin John, Baku, Azerbaijan

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