Corporate Nutrition Talk Attendee


“I feel more alert and don’t get that 3pm ‘slump’ after lunch. I’ve even lost ½ stone without trying!”

Workplace Wellness weight loss

“I heard a talk from Mac-Nutrition in 2012. I was really interested to attend their talk. I have a really active and busy job, a small family and I play a fair amount of sport. I’ve never dieted but I’m a big believer in what you put in you get out. Within a few days of taking on Mac-Nutrition’s principles and recommendations I noticed that I had so much energy over the course of the day. I felt more alert and didn’t get that 3pm ‘slump’ feeling at work after lunch. Also, surprisingly enough, over time, without even meaning to, I’ve lost ½ stone! I thought I knew what eating healthy look liked. It was only when I heard their talk did I realize I was hearing the wrong messages. I now find healthy eating enjoyable, especially now that I know it’s not plain salads, low fat and cardboard!”

Steve Meadwell, Leicestershire

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