Post workout smoothie with wheyServes: 1
Prep time: 5-minutes
Cook time: N/A

Ingredients (personalised amounts are below):
TOTAL Classic Greek Yoghurt (5% fat)
Whole Milk

What you will need:
Food processor or hand blender

How to make:

  1. Simply blend all the ingredients together – it doesn't get much easier than that! Just look at the table for how much you weigh and make the corresponding shake. Consume once made.

Just to note:

  • You will notice that no water amounts have been included, this is so you can add as much or as little as you like so you can personlise the smoothie to just how you like it.
  • Banana amounts are based on 'medium' sized bananas, e.g. '1/2' = half of a medium banana.
  • The smoothie in the above picture is made with unflavoured whey but we fully recommend vanilla, banana, strawberry or even chocolate as a great substitute. Like the Mac-Pancake, your chosen whey will really enhance & impact the flavour of the smoothie!
  • Once made, your smoothie may slightly separate – so get a straw/spoon handy and mix it every so often.

Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe