Post Natal & Pregnancy Nutrition – Zest4lifeuk

pregnancy nutrition“As the founder of zest4lifeuk, I have created specialist fitness programs for the pre and postnatal periods and am frequently interviewed as an expert in this field by national publications, such as Mother and Baby Magazine and Health and Fitness.

When it comes to wellbeing, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and whilst I provide a great deal of nutritional advice for my clients, I have felt the need for the input from a specialist in this field. Mac-Nutrition fitted the bill perfectly and have helped refine my pregnancy and postnatal nutritional advice, as well as creating writing  material on gestational diabetes for my pregnant clients.

pregnany nutritionAs someone who aims to provide the very highest quality service to my clients, I always seek out the advice and input of top experts –  Mac-Nutrition is a leader in the field and I am thrilled to have had their advice and support.

Dr Joanna Helcke, BA(hons), MA, PhD