Nutrition InternshipPaid Sports Nutrition Internship

First and foremost, yes, you read that right…. a PAID sports nutrition internship!

In November this year (2012) and again in mid-2013, Mac-Nutrition will be interviewing for a part-time, 12 month, paid sports nutrition internship. The details of this have now been finalised and the you can download the full job specification and find details on applying on the careers page. Those of you who have been involved in the area of sport will know just how hard internships in nutrition are to come by let alone paid internships! So, please make this opportunity known by sharing it via email or social media using the buttons below:


Interviews will take place in Loughborough at the beginning of November. Having access to a car will be a real benefit to applicants. The internship is going to be heavily focused on Sport and Exercise Nutrition but obviously there will be cross over into other areas. Apart from the benefit of being paid, the sports nutrition internship will also have a number of other benefits including:

  • Learning the process of a Mac-Nutrition Needs Analysis for athletes and exercising individuals
  • Training to becoming proficient in food diary analysis and feedback
  • Training in how to correctly carry out skinfold caliper testing based on ISAK guideline
  • Free registration onto the Mac-Nutrition Weekend Mentorship
  • Help in working towards competencies outlined by The Nutrition Society/Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register
  • Initially shadowing talks, workshops and lectures with a view to eventually preparing materials and presenting them
  • Guidance on becoming a self employed nutrition consultant
  • Experience working with professional and amateur athletes that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain

Sports Nutrition Internship Tasks:

  • Writing content for
  • Conducting research reviews on nutrition related topics
  • Assisting in delivery of nutrition services to clients of Mac-Nutrition
  • General day to day admin such as journal searches or information gathering

In the mean time, if you’re thinking of applying, make sure you’re following the Mac-Nutrition Twitter and Facebook pages to stay ahead of the game!

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