Nutrition Work Experience

Nutrition work experienceIf you've found this page you're probably either a student or newly qualified individual in the area of nutrition. Firstly, congratulations for choosing an awesome career path and even better, being motivated to go beyond your brick and mortar studies to see what else is out there! The best thing we ever did was to use the internet to find out what everyone else was saying. We were fortunate enough not to be brain washed into thinking a certain way during our studies but instead simply took the initiative to think critically.

Now, onto what you really want to know about. Nutrition work experience, work shadowing, internships, slave labour…… whatever you want to call it. We will be up front, it's bad news. We have had almost a dozen interns/mentees in varying capacities over the past few years; some were great, others couldn't handle the fact that we didn't recommend 12 servings of carbohydrate per day to make people super healthy…. but the fact is, at the moment, being consultants means we don't have the capacity to offer nutrition work experience. Other nutritionists who have full time jobs with particular teams or sports may be able to offer the opportunity to shadow them around the workplace.

Nutrition Internships and Nutrition Jobs!

The good news is, if you are able to give some commitment either in your time or financially, we do have some great ways you can gain invaluable practical skills and knowledge. First and foremost, the information contained on this website is there for you to read and interact with. It might sound ridiculous but one of the best things you can do is to read our ramblings and then go away and do your own research and see if you come up with the same answer. If you get stuck, ask a question, if you disagree with what you've read, feel free to make your case!

Weekend Mentorship program! This is a totally unique opportunity to attend a weekend seminar and be equipped with all the practical skills, knowledge and documents/workbooks that you need to offer nutrition advice to teams and individuals. We have designed the Mentorship to equip individuals enough to go out and create their own experience to maximise their employability! The Mentorship program also leads ideally into applying for our internship or trainee consultant positions. Sign up here to be the first to know when our next mentorship dates are announced.

Annual Nutrition Internship – This may have even been your idea of nutrition work experience. We have both paid and unpaid* internship positions that run for ~10 months which are ideal to gain experience soon after getting your nutrition qualifications. They are also an ideal lead into applying for our trainee consultant positions that come available intermittently. Tip: Every successful applicant for our internships has first been on our Mentorship!

*To read our position stand on unpaid internships, please click here.