BodyPower Expo 2016

The Mac-Nutrition team were very busy at BodyPower Expo this year! The exhbition, held over 3 days, has grown into the most celebrated and comprehensive fitness event in the UK and attracts over 90,000 health and fitness enthusiasts. Martin MacDonald was speaking on all three days with topics including 'Insulin, Testosterone and Thyroid: What You Need to Know to Maximise Your Results' and 'Intermittent Fasting; as well as leading a popular debate on the Academy Stage with Richard Sennewald discussing 'Nutrition Hot Topics: Cutting Edge Information on Muscle Gain and Fat Loss'.

Martin was joined by Kate and Sarah (two more members of the Mac-Nutrition team) on the Sunday to deliver a talk entitled 'How to Become a Full Time Performance Nutritionist'. Martin and Sarah then rounded the event off, alongside Scott Stevenson PhD, Richard Sennewald MSc and James Conci-Mitchell with an interactive, educational Nutrition Roundtable! It was great to see so many more evidence-based practitioners being asked to speak this year at an event that attracts thousands! The team can't wait for next year!

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