Assistant Nutrition Tutor & Content Creator
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  • Title: Assistant Nutrition Tutor & Content Creator
  • Starting Salary: £23,500 – £27,500 (Negotiable based on experience)
  • Location: Loughborough
  • Hours of Work: 40hours/week (Flexibility & availability outside normal office hours is essential)
  • Start Date: March/April 2021
  • Duration: Full-time Permanent


This is an exciting opportunity to join a vibrant and world-renowned company in the field of nutrition. Be part of a unique and developing core team in a fast moving and ever adapting environment, where your opinions and thoughts are valued.

The successful applicant will work closely with the Mac-Nutrition Collective team assisting with both external work and in-house projects. There will be a strong focus on assisting with the creation of clear, simple nutrition information in a variety of different mediums with further opportunities to develop personal knowledge and experience.

The role is designed to give a nutrition postgraduate or MNU Certified Nutritionist the opportunity to establish themselves as an integral member of the Mac-Nutrition Collective team.

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Deadline for Applications: 10.03.21