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Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Thank you for attending one of the Mac-Nutrition workplace wellness workshops. We thoroughly enjoyed delivering them and hope you have managed to implement some of the changes we discussed. We have compiled the information you heard on this private Cambridge Assessment page so that you can refer back to it in future. We have also included a few downloadable documents that might be of help. If you would like to take your nutrition further and think a 1-2-1 consultation would help, please check out our individual services via the services page.

Presentation/Workshop Slides

Below, you will find downloadable copies of all the individual slides presented in each of the talks. Simply click on the appropriate talk as listed by date, location and title to download the slides. Feel free to download and view the slides from any of the other talks you didn't personally attend too!

Healthy Workplace Snacks

Important Links

During each workshop/presentation, we talk about a few different sports foods and supplements that may be of particular benefit if you are trying to make a change to your diet and therefore health or weight loss progress. Below are some reminders and 'clickable' links in case you want to order them.

  • Omega 3 – you can get benefits from taking only 1 of these fish oils daily however depending on your situtation, further benefits may be gained by taking more.
  • Vitamin D3 – if you do not know your Vitamin D levels, only take 1 capsule daily or 7 capsules weekly. If you know your Vitamin D levels and you are deficient or insufficient you can take 2-4 capsules daily to correct this.
Supplements for Optimal Health

If you are interested in finding out more about our recommended supplements for improved health, sign-up to our infrequent newsletter and you will be able to download our eBook, 'Supplements 101' for FREE… You can sign up via our homepage.

Snacks & Useful Sports Foods

Oat & Whey Bar

  • Oats and Whey bar – a useful, 'protein bar' that can be used as a snack or alongside some nuts and a piece of fruit, for instance, as a meal replacement when on the go.
  • Whey – can be used as part of a meal or combined with a number of things to create snacks (see our high protein snacks resource for ideas), meal replacements or recovery shakes.
  • Ultra fine oats – combined with whey, milk, dessicated coconut or ground almonds for instance these can make an excellent meal replacement.
  • Flaked Coconut – can be used as part of a trail mix. They provide a welcome change from nuts and provide a slightly sweet taste despite providing long lasting energy and being very low in sugar.
  • Beef Jerky – a very high protein, low calorie snack that can be used to keep you feeling full between meals or as part of a healthy high protein lunch option served with salad, some nuts and a piece of fruit for example.

Useful Recipes

The following Mac-Nutrition recipes have been designed to support any nutritional goal you might have. Whether you are looking for recipe ideas for disease management, weight loss, sports performance or to support optimal health, these recipes provide a healthy, tasty and convenient way to achieve that! Click on one of the categories below for meal and snack ideas relating to your goal.

Optimal Health

Optimal Health Recipe Category

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Recipe Category


Cholesterol Improvement Recipe Category


Diabetes improvemet Recipe category

Downloads – Click to Download

Below are a few downloads that you may find useful.

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A Guide to Eating Out

Resource - A Guide to Eating Out

High Protein Snack List

High Protein Snack List


Wheat & Gluten-Free Food List

Gluten Free Foods