Sports Nutritionist

You can find information on a number of individual athletes we have worked with on the testimonial pages.

Derby-County-FCWe have been the sole provider of performance nutrition advice to the 1st team at Derby County FC since the middle of 2011. We have worked closely with the head chef and sport scientist, who then provide the day to day support, as well as working on a 1-2-1 basis with the first team and academy players.


We have been providing sports nutritionist services to British Weight Lifting, formerly World Class Lifting, since the middle of 2008. Initially we went in and provided a number of education sessions for athletes and coaches on proper nutrition for strength athletes. We then implemented the supplementation framework that will see them through to London 2012. Each athlete is given a specific, periodised nutrition and supplementation plan to ensure an optimal hormonal milieu for recovery and strength gain.


We provide sports nutritionist services to the ASA England Talent program. This program encompasses all the aquatic disciplines, swimming, waterpolo, synchronised swimming and diving. We have previously written the materials for every stage, from the 11-13 year olds at Level 1 up to the most senior athletes at Level 3/4 as well as the education for parents of these athletes.


We are currently consultant sports nutritionists to Leicestershire County Cricket Club providing them with a framework for nutrition for cricket. We implemented a culture of performance supplementation with high quality, proven supplements within the first team players as well as educating younger players on performance nutrition for cricket.


We are currently the provider of coach and athlete nutrition seminars for England Athletics across a number of areas including Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Birmingham, Black Country and Gloucestershire.

We consulted for the Institute of Swimming writing one of their coach education modules on Nutrition for Aquatic Coaches. This is a 3 hour session that coaches can attend and gain CPD credits for. The course encompasses theory, practical and case study elements. We also now deliver this course at venues in the midlands.

Previously we have delivered on the AASE program through Loughborough College which saw me working with development athletes on the England Netball program. For the last two years we have also spoken at the annual National Training Course for A/B License Netball Umpires.


GB-waterpoloPrior to London 2012 we worked in conjunction with the English Institute of Sport to provide a sports nutritionist to British Waterpolo in Manchester in order to give them the best preparation in the run up to the games.


We worked with Burton Albion FC providing sports nutritionist services in the Pre-Season of the 2011/2012 season giving education sessions to the medical staff and the first team players.