Steph Blackwell – Disordered Eating Client

“After working with Mac-Nutrition for just 3 months, I am finally starting to see improvements in my life and initiate the first steps of steady weight gain!”

Steph Blackwell eating disorder

“Having been in the sport since the age of 11, athletics has always been a major aspect of my life. At such an early age, my eating behaviour was always very much instinctive as with most children; I always ate to satisfy my hunger and food was never an issue, it just seemed to be necessary from time to time.

From the age of around 17 my training increased and became more intense, requiring more dedication and commitment, at this point, my eating habits suffered. I lost a lot of weight and have since struggled to regain it. Something that started as an innocent lack of awareness of the importance of nutrition manifested into a major concern and was later diagnosed as an eating disorder.

For 3 years, I have battled a vicious circle of exercise, eating too little, eating too much (binging) and feeling rough much of the time. In a desperate bid to finally tackle the beast once and for all, I contacted the Mac-Nutrition for nutritional advice, I was skeptical as to whether or not it would be successful as similar advice had previously failed. I am pleased to say, however, that 3 months down the line, I am finally starting to see improvements in my life; issues as complex as an eating disorder are not simple to ‘cure’ they carry with them a massive amount of psychological stigmas as well as the poor diet but I have been helped to initiate the first steps in weight gain, which was my initial goal. This required a fine degree of monitoring and a massive amount of trust from me, but my nutritionist dealt with the situation fantastically, instilling total confidence from the outset and helping me to learn the shear volume of food one can eat (when it is the right stuff) before putting on weight and the types of food necessary to make me feel a whole lot healthier in myself.

As someone with a concern for always wanting to be ‘healthy’ – typical of eating disorder patients – this diet has been fantastic, as I know that everything I put inside me is helping my body, whereas traditional weight gain strategies that suggest eating cake generally prove unsuccessful due to the guilt they carry with them – plus their lack of nutritional content means they don’t actually make you feel better. Since the onset of my illness, I have not been able to compete in athletics but have continued with a degree of training, my aim now is to reach my goal weight still following ‘The Mac-Nutrition Way’ and will work on a weight maintenance program which will also supplement my training. I then hope to compete in 2012 feeling fit and well – is the London Olympics too ambitious?”

Steph Blackwell, Cheshire

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